South Korea Unveils “Spartan 3000” Strike Force To Dominate North Korea

first published on March 21, 2016 by

The South Korean Marine Corps has just activated a new strike force that can deploy the entire regiment-sized unit anywhere on the Korean peninsula in less than 24 hours, should the need arise. The unit is known as the “Spartan 3000,” and is similar in concept to the USMC’s MEU which will most likely include ground, aviation and logistics combat elements, operating under a unifying command element.


With as many hollow threats that have come from North Korea over the decades, it’s hard to take seriously the threats of the current dictator Kim Jung-Un. However, with the recent detonation of a nuclear weapon and multiple rocket and missile tests, the rogue nation has found itself repeatedly slapped with the most economically crippling sanctions to date. Kim’s belligerence and threats of nuclear strikes are showing no signs of halting. It is possible that we are finally near the breaking point, and South Korea with their “Spartan 300” is now ready to act.


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