Somali Pirates Mess with the Wrong Ship

first published on September 11, 2015 by

I’m not sure if the Somali pirates were killed, but I bet they got wet. I just came across a second video of the same event, and it is of a little better quality as well. There were actually two maritime security guards wearing helmet cams at the time of the attack.


The new video angle actually clears up some confusion I had previously in which the team leader tells them to fire warning shots, and it appeared that they just unloaded on the pirates. The new video, titled “Camera 1” shows him firing extremely close, but just above the rapidly approaching skinny. If you take into consideration the sound of the skiff’s motor, the shots would need to be extremely close to be noticed.

Within a split second, the pirate is well within a safe standoff distance and collides with the merchant vessel. At that point, the security team turns the swashbuckler’s boat into Swiss cheese. They then engage an additional pirate boat that is pacing them at a distance. That boat’s crew gets the hint, and they go looking for easier booty to plunder.


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