Islamist Rebels Mop Up Syrian Soldiers In Trenches Near Damascus

first published on July 21, 2017 by


The video shows footage from the battle taking place around the town of Rayhan in Syria. Jaish Al-Islam and the Syrian Arab Army are battling it out in the East Ghouta, an agriculture area near Damascus. Different views of the intense fight are shown, culminating with a victory lap through the trenches where the bodies of SAA soldiers are seen scattered and piled throughout.

Assad’s forces are found taking heavy fire and remaining in their trenches where they inevitably perish. The rebels appear to be well equipped and making good use of the terrain. Expect more battles to turn in favor of the rebels as the fighting for Damascus wears on. With so many factions in play, and most of them without loyalty to Assad, it shouldn’t be long before his forces are being pushed out of Damascus.

Jaish Al-Islam has not reported its own casualties stemming from the skirmish. By their expressions following the firefight, it would appear that it was not a hard won fight. The rebel fighters are smiling and chanting as they run through the trenches, and over and around dead SAA soldiers. Damascus proper does remain in the control of the Assad forces, but the noose is tightening.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic images of dead bodies.


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