Soldiers Laugh And Play With Shrapnel While Being Shelled

first published on March 29, 2016 by

Ukrainian soldiers find themselves being bombarded by Russian separatist artillery fire. The entire time they laugh, and crack jokes while playing with shrapnel.

There’s a special feeling you get in your gut while your being shelled. You know that at any moment you could just cease to exist, and it’s this feeling that triggers a special kind of dark humor from inside of you.

Laugh Ukraine Artillery

A WW1 Veteran once said that if you want to know what artillery shelling feels like, you need to take both of your hands and cover your ears with your palms. Next wrap your fingers around the back of your head, and press down on your ears to mute out all sound. Then, drum your fingers on the back of your head. Now imagine that feeling and sound for three months straight.

This video of Ukrainian soldiers being shelled by Russian separatists is probably the closest you can come to being shelled, without actually being shelled. Jack your volume up, and watch the entire video. Pay special attention to the way the soldiers are reacting, or rather, not reacting to the incoming rounds.


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