Taliban Attack Swedish Soldiers Hanging Out With Children

first published on September 26, 2017 by

A Swedish patrol is hanging out with a group of children in Mazar-e-Sharif when Taliban fighters start firing at their position.

Mara-e-Sharif, 2010. Members of a Swedish patrol are hanging out with a group of kids and building rapport when the Taliban starts firing at their position. The Swedish troops immediately assist the children with getting into cover before they move into a position where they can return fire.

Before they can return fire however, they realize that the Taliban position is also occupied by various civilians, including women and children. The video below is how they react to the extremely dynamic fight, and I don’t think there was any better way they could have dealt with it. Translation of the video from Swedish to English is below the video.

Translation Courtesy of Reddit user HarryONeil

0:25 Camera man aka dude1: Ok, where are the shots coming from? dude2: SPG at around 3 o’clock!
0:33 dude2: Hold over the field
0:36 dude1: You heard that they are shooting explosives right? dude3: Ours? (as in are ours shooting explosives?) dude1: No the insurgents are shooting explosives!
0:58 dude?: Petter we should go more to the right so that we have a better view over the field.
1:04 Alright now they are shooting again, DOWN!
1:10 dude? Can you see where they are shooting from? dude1: No I only heard a bang. dude?: Have you got any observations? dude1: Yes Small arms fire!
1:35 and onwards is inaudible
2:05 Dude1: There is coming thunder from that direction! (Not sure what this means)
2:10 Dude1: There are women and children
2:20 Dude1: Thunder from the right!
2:35 Dude1: It is clear! It is clear!
2:40 Taken! Taken! Cancel, Cancel! (various dudes, not sure what this means either)
3:05 Thunder to the right!
3:10 Dude1: Keep a low profile now! (to the guy running, think he means be careful or something along those lines)
3:15 Dude1: Yes you are last! I am running now!
3:40 Some guy runs past Dude1 and yells LAST! as he does so. Dude1 then does the same as he runs past the next guy.
3:55 Inaudible
4:00- Not sure what is said, something about shooting and something about there being something at 12 o’clock.
4:30 They keep doing the thing where they tell the guy they run past that he is last.
4:50 Dude1: Do we have anyone looking on that field over there? So that they don’t flank us and take that field! Dude?: What? Dude1: So that they don’t flank us, they can come from that field over there. Dude?: Yep
5:00 Dude?: Inaudible Dude1: Not over there either.
5:05 Dude?: We can light up with the inaudible…..


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