Soldier Shot in the Back, Firefight Ensues

first published on April 7, 2016 by

Soldiers on a small firebase are surprised with a sudden Taliban attack. Instantly, one of the U.S. troops is shot in the back. The cameraman quickly, and inaccurately assessed the wound, and thought that the bullet stopped in the plate. He begins suppressing the woodline with a M240B light machine gun.


Soon, fellow troops are checking on the wounded man and discover that the round didn’t stop in the plate, but actually entered his body. They begin stripping him of his armor and gear to treat his wound.

The soldiers go on to hammer known and suspected enemy locations with small arms and rockets. Although it looks like a waste of ammo, it actually keeps the enemy forces pinned down until close air support, in the form of Kiowa helicopters, can arrive. When the birds come on station, they begin engaging the enemy and calling out their locations to the ground troops, so they can fire onto their positions.


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