Soldier Plays Chicken With A Daesh Sniper And Barely Wins

first published on November 8, 2016 by

As Iraqi Soldiers talk about a near miss encounter with a Daesh sniper, one of them decides to play chicken. He wins, but only by a little bit.

A group of Iraqi Soldiers are trying to determine the position of a sniper who is slowing their progress in Mosul. As they try to triangulate his exact position based off of the trajectory of the last impact, one of the soldiers decides to cross the avenue the sniper is firing down.

As he does this, two rounds pop off in rapid succession. Luckily for our Iraqi friend, the sniper misses both rounds, and reveals his position to the Iraqi Soldiers. I’m no fortune teller, but my crystal ball is saying shortly after this video was recorded, the sniper caught some artillery rounds.


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