Soldier Is Shot Trying To Save Civilian Child From ISIS Sniper

first published on June 20, 2016 by

An Iraqi PMU soldier is shot by an ISIS sniper while trying to save a child from ISIS sniper fire in Fallujah. A recovery mission is quickly put together.

While conducting clearing operation in Fallujah, a small child is caught in the crossfire between Iraqi soldiers and an ISIS sniper. One of the soldiers, acting out of complete selflessness, disregards his own safety and goes to rescue the boy.

As he is making his return, he gets shot by the sniper. The rest of his unit then mounts a daring rescue mission. Utilizing some nearby armor, they cross into the danger area and retrieve both the wounded soldier and child. This is the kind of coordination, and bravery, that we’ve been waiting to see from the Iraqi people for a long time.

Strong work boys.