Soldier Gets Separated From Squad And Pinned Down

first published on December 16, 2015 by

As the cadence goes, “Someday you’ll be alone way out there in a combat zone. With bullets flying all around, better keep your head to the ground.”

Our cameraman team leader is on a dismounted patrol with his platoon when a nearby friendly platoon takes contact from Taliban forces while crossing a bridge. The team leader tells his guys to get on him as he moves to engage the enemy and protect his brothers in contact.

A new lieutenant, however, has other ideas and calls the team leader’s guys back. The cameraman soon finds himself separated from his team, with only a single Afghan National Army soldier as they get pinned down by heavy and accurate enemy fire.

As rounds snap past his head in what appears to be a very bleak situation, the soldier does what is necessary and returns fire. He dumps rounds into known and suspected enemy locations and drops 40mm grenades into the firing enemy’s lines.

The suppression is effective in keeping the Taliban’s heads down and makes the enemy think they are facing a much larger element. However, the soldier knows the relief is only temporary and gathers his ANA sidekick for a hasty withdrawal back to his element.