US SOF Deployed to Tal Abyad

first published on June 30, 2017 by

US SOF deployed to Tal Abyad, Syria – Amid lasting Turko-Kurdish hostilities in northern Syria. This isn’t the first time elite US troops have been called in to calm a volatile situation in the region.

A recently released video of US SOF troops with Kurdish allies in Tal Abyad, Syria near the Turkish border, highlights the tensions between the US allies and its growing role as referee in the region. Several American flag waving pick-ups laden with gear can be spotted driving around the city, while a Turkish flag looming in the not-so-far distance can also be seen.

Tal Abyad

The Kurds have reported artillery exchanges with Turkish forces over the last five days and Turkish troops have been reportedly massing near Afrin district in Northern Syria. The sudden presence of US troops will likely discourage Turkey’s seizure of the logistically important city, severing a logistics route for Kurdish controlled areas and operations in Raqqa. With US assistance, the Kurds continue to liberate formerly ISIS held-territory in and around Raqqa.

Tal Abyad

The US troops in the area, are eerily similar to this past Aprils deployment of US Army Rangers to the same border region. The Rangers, loaded in Strykers were sent to discourage Turkish airstrikes against US supported rebels in the area. While placing US troops in these tense areas has been proving effective at reducing specific incidents, they do little to resolve the massive challenges facing Turkish-Kurdish relations.

NOTE: This video has been edited to protect Operational Security


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