Sniper With Thermal Rifle Scope Picks Off Jihadists At Night

first published on September 21, 2017 by

In a recent video release by the Syrian Kurdish YPG, a marksman with a thermal rifle scope engages Turkish-backed militants at night in the Afrin area of Idlib.

thermal rifle scope

The rifleman observes as two of his fellow fighters sneak to within a few meters of the jihadists’ fighting positions. As the fight commences, the “sniper” cameraman begins engaging an unobstructed opponent.

It is dark and his target is confused as to where the attack is coming from. He can be seen doing the standard Islamist firing stance, sticking the rifle over his head and blindly shooting toward his buddy’s foxhole rather than toward the attacking YPG fighters.

The marksman is finally able to get the thermal rifle scope crosshairs steady on the militant and fires. He makes the hit, and his wounded opponent recedes back into cover to assess his injuries. The assaulting YPG team falls back as the cameraman fires rapidly to cover their movement.

Turkey and their Islamist horde pushed the YPG out of the city of Afrin during Operation Olive Branch. Turkey then turned Afrin into a garrison for housing, rearming, and reequipping the rebels being pushed out of other regions by the Russian-backed Syrian government.

Although the YPG lost control of the city, they continue to conduct hit-and-run, sniper harassment, and assassination operations in and around the city, picking of the rebel fighters one by one.


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