Sniper Gives Away Position And Receives Missile In Return

first published on February 12, 2018 by

The following video from Ukraine shows a reported pro-Russian separatist sniper giving away his position and receiving an ATGM in return.

The viewer can see multiple muzzle flashes from rifleman hidden within a shed at an industrial complex.

The definition of a sniper is someone who fires a rifle from a concealed position, so there is obviously a broad spectrum when it comes to types and effectiveness of snipers.

The sniper in this video likely wasn’t very well trained. Not only is his muzzle close enough to the opening to allow the flash to be seen, but he also stays in the static position long enough for the defending unit to emplace, set up, and fire an anti tank guided missile at him.

The firing location in itself seems pretty solid, but an actual trained sniper would have taken measures to conceal his muzzle flash and would have also quickly relocated after a shot or two.

Although the Minsk II peace agreement was signed three years ago, the war in eastern Ukraine continues on, mainly in the provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk where Russian proxy forces continue to hold ground.


The Ukrainian government recently officially labeled Russia as the aggressor, rather than continuing to humor the idea that the “separatist” units are an organic creation, operating on their own. Almost 200 Ukrainian troops lost their lives in the fighting.


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