Sniper Picking Off Running Syrian Soldiers

first published on January 26, 2016 by

A video apparently showing a rebel sniper picking off Syrian troops was recently released by the Islamist group Army of the Mujahideen. A group of three SAA soldiers can be seen leisurely strolling laterally across the frame when the “sniper” takes his first shot. The shot sails high and to the left, striking a concrete post. The soldiers get low, knowing the round came close, and after a split second of indecision, they begin sprinting for cover. Somehow, the rifleman makes a better shot on the rapidly moving troops and drops one. One of the soldiers continues to vacate the area, while the third returns to his wounded buddy. At this point, the sniper fires another shot. The video is edited to make it seem like the soldier was struck by the round, but dirt is kicked up to the left of him, and it is more likely that he was just trying to get a lower profile.


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