US Army Sniper, Turned Contract Assassin, Sentenced To Life In Prison

first published on March 11, 2019 by

A 20-year US Army infantry veteran, who once served as a sniper instructor, has been sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for carrying out contract assassinations and tortures in the Philippines.


According to reports, Joseph Hunter, 53, of Kentucky, is a former US Army NCO with a “Special Forces background,” and has been convicted, along with two other former US soldiers, and sentenced to life in prison by a US District in Manhattan.

Hunter reportedly sold his “trained to kill” infantry skills to international crime bosses and planned and carried out kidnappings, tortures, and murders for several years before being nailed by the law after the murder of Philippines real estate agent, Catherine Lee. The crime boss that employed Hunter thought that Lee had cheated him out of a land deal.

Two of Hunter’s recruits, former US soldiers Adam Samia, 44, and Carl David Stillwell, 51, both of North Carolina were convicted in the murder as well.

The prosecution stated that under the leadership of Hunter… Stillwell and Samia posed as potential property buyers, hiring Lee to show them around. Samia reportedly shot Lee twice in the face with a silenced handgun before dumping her body in a garbage heap. They were reportedly paid $35,000 a piece to carry out the hit.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said: “With zero regard for human life, Joseph Hunter callously helped to arrange the murder of a Filipino woman in exchange for money. He and his co-defendants have now been sentenced to life behind bars for their heartless crimes.”


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