Sneaky Syrian Rebel Has an Explosive Surprise for Enemy Position

first published on December 27, 2017 by

A brazen and sneaky Syrian rebel slowly inches his way to a purported SAA forward position in a devastated urban center. Using stealth and surprise, the rebel throws two large explosives into the unsuspecting position and completely destroys it.

The video begins with a rebel cameraman zeroing in on some obvious movement of a forward Assad regime position. The cratered and bullet riddled neighborhood has been completely devastated by fighting and the two enemies are only separated by a hundred meters or so. Brief glimpses of movement, or what appears to be soldiers digging in has drawn the rebel’s attention.

With the SAA position clearly identified and obviously occupied, a Syrian rebel sapper with particularly large testicles enters the frame. Carrying two large explosives in burlap sacks and curiously wearing a bright red sweatshirt, he cautiously but quickly moves in defilade below the enemy position.

Inching along a swiss-cheesed cinder block wall and next to a burned-out bulldozer, he makes it to the base of the sandbag position being constructed by the SAA. With the unsuspecting enemy troops just on the other side of the sandbag wall, the rebel sapper tip-toes the last few meters.

He ready’s and ignites the first explosive and hurriedly throws it over the top, immediately followed by the second. Both explosives now gone, he desperately begins to scramble back towards friendly lines.

Apparently setting a short fuse (just 6-7 seconds), his desperation to vacate the area becomes understandable as the explosives detonate in a massive fireball. The regime position now engulfed in flames and thick dust appears largely destroyed – while the bold rebel sapper makes his way back to friendly lines.


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