Iraqi Abrams Smoke Checks ISIS Suicide Vehicle At Close Range In Mosul

first published on April 23, 2017 by

A speeding suicide vehicle is absolutely smoke checked by an Iraqi M1A1 Abrams at close range in the streets of Mosul during ground operations.

Something tells me that this suicide bomber should have just called in sick and not bothered. As he barrels towards an Iraqi position, an Abrams dials in on his truck and smoke checks him into the stratosphere. If you ever wanted a lesson on turning yourself into a goopy pile of mush, look no further than this video.

As the street to street fighting continues in western Mosul, it shows no indication of ceasing any time soon. Daily, suicide bombers attack Iraqi positions. Meanwhile, members of the Iraqi Army’s Golden Division, the YPG, and Popular Mobilization Units continue to clear block by block, and house by house, to rid the city of the infestation of Daesh.


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