Smartwatch App That Can Prevent PTSD Night Terrors

first published on October 15, 2015 by

College student Tyler Skluzacek says, “My team and I won’t sleep until the veterans can,” in reference to his team’s smartphone app My Bivy

Crouched behind a solid mud wall your fire-team is surrounded on 3 sides. You’re taking extremely heavy fire from all angles. You can’t get any higher for fear of being shot. Taking a tactical pause, you look to your left and right to find out why the communication between your teammates has stopped. They’re gone. You’re alone. The fire increases to a crescendo when you hear a whooshing sound. Immediately your ears begin to ring and there is a large flash of light as dust kicks up around you. Confusion and fear begin to set in as everything starts turning black.

You sit straight up in bed screaming ready to fight the first thing you see. Your wife lays in bed next to you terrified to move, because she already knows the drill. In a cold sweat you frantically look around the room to assess the situation and find the threat. Slowly, you realize you are in your own bed. Your wife waits for your breathing to slow before touching you in an attempt to give you some comfort. You won’t sleep for the rest of the night.

This is a nightly struggle for many of us here in the Funker community. The dreams may change, but the end result is always the same. Every night you’re afraid to go to sleep with the fear of the nightmares that will come and the results that will follow them shortly after.

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Tyler Skluzacek is a college student in Minnesota that has designed an app to help. It works by assessing your sleep cycle through the use of a smart watch. As the nightmares that ruin your nights begin, your body goes through certain physiological changes. The app will recognize these signals as they happen, and send a small vibration through your wrist. This vibration will pull you from your deeper sleep cycles and change the course of your sleep.

The down and dirty intent is to wake you out of the nightmare before the nightmare can begin, without waking you entirely. This is an amazing alternative to current medicinal practices. The app uses your body’s natural physiology in order to prevent the night terrors. No side effects, no long VA waits, no popping pills from a pez dispenser. Just good sound sleep through the use of modern technology.

The app is currently in it’s Kickstarter phase after winning 1st place in an application creation contest held in Washington D.C. You can access that Kickstarter campaign here.


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