Beast Mode III%er Is Ready To Slay Bodies In Your Neighborhood

first published on September 26, 2016 by

A stereotypical III%er patrols his local suburb and is ready to slay bodies. This guy is why we can’t ever have nice things.

I can’t. I literally can’t. I just can’t literally even right now. Who told this guy that what he was doing is a good idea? What in the world made this Facebook Operator wake up and decide that not only was this a good idea, but he should do an interview as well? I’m speechless, dumbfounded, and downright sad for this fellow.

Owning a firearm is awesome. Keeping your home, and your neighborhood safe through legal firearm ownership is an honorable task. Owning the needed supplies to take you and your families safety serious is never a bad idea. Know what is a bad idea?

This. All of this is a bad idea. Waking up one morning, knowing that you look like a dumber version of Gomer Pyle that got kicked out of the Army, and deciding to grab your crummy looking AR-15, and military surplus deuce gear, to go out on a patrol in your neighborhood is ridiculous. This guy could have accomplished this exact same task with a concealed handgun while walking his dog on a leash. Instead, he decides to dress up like some kind of wannabe commando and do an interview with the local news. Congratulations Instructor ZeroDarkThirty, now the whole world knows about you.

Knock this crap off. You’re making all gun owners look like idiots, and the media loves making gun owners look like idiots. Stop being a YouTube Infantry Officer for a second, and think about what the hell you are doing. This is why people don’t want us to have nice things.


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