Skirmish Between Trenches Breaks Out In Ukraine

first published on August 14, 2018 by

A new video out of eastern Ukraine shows a skirmish between homeland forces and Russian proxies and gives the viewer an idea of what prolonged trench warfare looks like.

The footage begins with Ukrainian forces taking incoming mortar fire from separatist positions. As the troops try to get a fix on the hostile fire’s point of origin, it’s immediately apparent that these guys have been in the fighting for a considerable amount of time. They can tell by the sound of each incoming round which ones will land close and which ones will fly harmlessly into the distance.

The video gives a cameo to the troops’ dog, who is unable to process exactly what is going on, but he knows that there is danger in the air. Although this dog isn’t a trained military working dog, he has an invaluable role within the unit as a morale booster and an early detection system against infiltrating enemy sappers.

Soon the indirect fire turns into a direct fire engagement. The zips and whizzes of accurate near-misses can be heard and enemy tracers can be seen ripping through the Ukrainians’ area of operation.

Exchanges like this occur on a daily basis. While the fighting may not seem as intense as direct action raids and clearing operations, the troops involved are facing death every hour of the day as the enemy continues to refine their target grids and adjust their fires.

As you can see by the massive woodpile, these boys are on their own for an unforeseeable amount of time. They can’t just hide in their trenches all day as they must fulfill daily military duties that constantly expose themselves to enemy fire. Their lives consist of hellacious boredom spontaneously interrupted by intense deadly violence. The lifestyle is mentally and physically exhausting.


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