Sixteen Airstrikes Carried Out Against Taliban Narcotics Facilities

first published on April 11, 2018 by

Between April 3rd and April 5th of 2018, sixteen separate airstrikes were conducted against Taliban narcotics productions facilities. Here is the gun tape footage taken from one of the Operation Resolute Support F-16s that conducted the series of strikes in order to further decimate Taliban revenue streams in Southern Afghanistan.


As part of an on-going operation to eliminate Taliban revenue streams, members of the Afghan Government and Operation Resolute Support continue to carry out strike packages against known Taliban narcotics facilities. The intent of these strikes is to eliminate known sources of income for the terror organization, and to diminish their ability to continue purchasing supplies for their continued attacks against the Afghan government. A strong majority of these strikes are happening in Southern Afghanistan, where the Taliban still holds onto a strong portion of the country, but incursions by Afghan ground forces are happening into Taliban areas of operation on a daily basis.

The strike below, taken from the gun mounted camera system of an Operation Resolute Support F-16, occurred in the Nimroz province of Afghanistan on April 4, 2018. It is just one of the sixteen declassified strikes conducted against known Taliban narcotics facilities, and was enabled by the new rules of engagement set into place in late 2017. Those rules of engagement allow Operation Resolute Support troops and air power to fire on Taliban positions wherever they are found in Afghanistan. If you would like to know more about those rules of engagement, you can read about them here, or watch our live feed explanation at this link.


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