Sinjar Front: Western Volunteers Laugh Off ISIS Mortar Attack

first published on November 20, 2015 by

A group of western volunteers, fighting against Daesh, laugh off a failed mortar attack.

There’s a special kind of dark, commando-like humor that follows being in a war-zone. This humor gives you the ability to laugh during any situation, especially when your enemy is absolutely failing. Watch these former Marines laugh at ISIS failing to use mortars while they rock shirts from our brothers over at Ranger Up.

The western volunteers in this video are a family of prior service Marines out of New Jersey. They made the decision as a family to take the fight to Daesh in Iraq. This family believes that as long as they have the ability to stop evil men, they are obligated to do so.

Western Vol 1

As the weeks continue, we will be receiving more of their front-line GoPro combat footage. It is important to note that this family is in Iraq strictly as volunteers. They have been providing much more than assistance with combat to the people of Northern Iraq.

After the Kurds retook Sinjar, this family established a clinic in the area. Within the first few days of its doors being opened, they had provided humanitarian aid to over 700 Yazidi refugees. This family has taken on quite the financial burden in the process, and they are asking for help. You can support their humanitarian efforts here.

Western HumanAid


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