Apache Uses Missile To Remove Singular Taliban Fighter From Existence

first published on November 24, 2017 by

An Apache helicopter uses a Hellfire missile to remove a singular Taliban fighter from this realm of existence. Overkill is underrated.

When it comes to an infestation, there is nothing worse than having a Taliban problem. That’s why you call on your exterminator buddies at the AH-64 wing to come and deal with your problems as soon as you recognize the threat. It doesn’t matter if you have a battalion sized element, or a single Talib on the loose, these dragon riders will come in full-tilt and take care of the problem for you.

What we’re looking at in this short clip, taken from the the gun mounted camera system of an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, is the removal of a singular Taliban fighter. My best guess is that the Apache is just coming off of supporting troops-in-contact, (TIC) when the pilot ran into this lone Talib. Chances are he or she is Winchester on 30mm cannon rounds, and only had a few Hellfire missiles left in the tubes. When clearance finally came in to take out the target, the pilot used the munition that was available to eliminate the infestation.

As a result we get this awesome video of a single Talib having his existence deleted from the history of the world. In fact, there is a strong chance that the missile hit this guy so hard, that even his great grand children will still be feeling the impact 80 years from now.


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