Single British Soldier Saves The Day During Intense Operation

first published on May 11, 2016 by

A group of British Soldiers, from 34 SQN RAF REGT, are conducting an operation when one falls flat. A single soldier picks up the slack and saves the day.

While on patrol in southern Afghanistan a group of British Soldiers are recording a cover operation during a mounted patrol. Things start off strong, but as the cover continues, one of the less trained, less enthusiastic soldiers falls flat, threatening to ruin the entire mission.

As if out of nowhere, another soldier from the team steps in and saves the day with his swift actions on the objective. If it weren’t for the action of this single soldier, and the rest of his team supporting him, the entire cover would have been blown.

Strong work boys.

Note: The beginning of this video was a mistake that happened during the initial edit. It ends after about 23 seconds.


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