Single Ambush Kills 170 Terrorists Caught On Tape

first published on March 22, 2016 by

A massive group of terrorists are caught in an insanely effective attack while on the move. This is probably the most successful ambush in military history.

A group of 170 Al-Nusra fighters are destroyed in one of the most effective ambushes in the history of military operations. The Syrian Arab Army, and Hezbollah laid in wait for two weeks for this movement by Al-Nusra. They laid in a large field of land mines, and dialed in artillery and mortars prior to the ambush.

The attack is initiated by a massive detonation of land mines. The terrorists who try to escape the confusion, further detonate additional land mines, while artillery, mortars, and machine guns clean up whats left over.

This is a text book ambush, on an extremely large group of bad guys.

Shortly after the ambush, Al-Nusra tried to cover up the attack. They claimed that the video was evidence of the SAA killing refugees fleeing the fighting. This claim was refuted when evidence of the attack revealed scores of dead Nusra fighters at the exact location of the attack.


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