Silhouetted Turkish Patrol Struck by Daisy-Chained IED

first published on July 25, 2017 by

A silhouetted Turkish patrol moving along a ridgeline is struck by a daisy-chained IED. Now they’re exposed, and have casualties.

Moving along a ridgeline is always a dangerous gamble in the mountains. Exposed to every other terrain feature within range, they also create unavoidable choke points that an entering force must navigate. The physically exhausting and naturally restrictive terrain leaves few viable routes, which forces units into the open. If done properly, a unit advances under the cover of a support-by-fire position, ready to sling lead and keep the pressure off their buddie’s precarious position.


This patrol, through ineptitude or tactical necessity, finds itself moving along a highly visible ridgeline. Not only is it visible, but its obviousness as a likely route for advancing troops was explosively apparent to the local PKK fighters. A large, and apparently daisy-chained IED has been emplaced along the trail in anticipation. Waiting until the patrol is stretched along several hundred meters, the PKK detonate the bomb. A huge linear explosion rocks the ridgeline, engulfing at least one Turkish solider. Dispersion appears to save most of the patrol, and eventually several can be seen carrying the wounded or dead soldier away. Fortunately for them, the video concludes with no follow-up small-arms attack.


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