Marines Compete to Become Members of the Silent Drill Platoon

first published on April 2, 2019 by

Thirty-five Marines are selected out of the school of infantry. Only 24 of them will make the cut and join the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon.

Drill Platoon

Ten and a half pounds of M1 Garand fixed with a bayonet is the ceremonial weapon of choice for the riflemen of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon. Selected at the School of Infantry, each individual Marine is rigorously interviewed and tested to see if they have what it takes just to tryout for the most well traveled performance platoon the United States Marine Corps has to offer. A tryout however, does not guarantee that the individual will be selected for the actual drill platoon.

If selected to tryout, the Marines move on from the School of Infantry to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma located in Arizona, where they undergo weeks of rigorous training and drill. From sunrise to sunset, the 35 Marines that were selected to tryout will train, practice, and perfect the movements that will be evaluated on during their culminating event, known as Challenge Day. Failure to be absolutely perfect could result in the Marine being one of the 11 Marines cut from the team.

The video below was produced by Marine Barracks Washington, 8th & I and Private First Class James Bourgeois.


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