Sicarios Dominated Into Surrender By Mexican Military

first published on August 2, 2018 by

Sicarios from a Mexican Cartel find themselves on the wrong end of a gunfight with the Mexican Miliatry and learn what suppression is.


Everyone is a tough guy, until they find themselves face to face with an even tougher guy. Sicarios are known as the hired muscle of the Latin American Drug Cartels. They’re individual tough guys who often operate alone or in small groups to enforce the rules and justice of Latin American Drug Lords. These killers for hire are some of the most feared individuals in all of Middle and Southern America, and are known for their ruthlessness and ability to cause harm to innocent people.

At the end of the day, these hired tough guys are just that, hired tough guys. Their training and combat skills are similar to that of the insurgencies we have seen in places like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Their true combat experience is limited to street fights, drive-by shootings, and the enforcement of street justice to shop owners who have talked bad about the Cartels, or refused to pay the security taxes implemented by the Drug Lords and their enforcers. In a real stand-up gun fight, these guys are quickly overwhelmed by superior marksmanship, training, and tactics.

An example of this can be seen in the video below, where members of the Mexican Military finish a standoff with a group of Sicarios in an unarmored SUV. Once they’ve stopped the vehicle, the Mexican service members quickly dismount and dispense with a lesson in fire superiority and suppression. This overwhelming and accurate fire from the Mexican Military completely immobilizes and defeats the Sicario tough guys in a matter of seconds. The fear stricken directly into the very heart of their souls causes them to immediately dismount the vehicle and surrender for detention.