Iraqi Aviation Unit Kiowas Shred Islamic State Fighters in the Open

first published on October 17, 2017 by

Members of the Iraqi Aviation Unit utilize the Kiowa’s rocket pods and machine guns shred a group of Islamic State Fighters in the open.


What happens when members of the Islamic State get caught out in the open by members of the Iraqi Aviation Unit sitting behind a full rocket pod and cannon ammunition? The Islamic State fighters get shredded, their equipment gets blown to smithereens, and the Iraqi Aviation Unit goes home to a nice warm meal at their chow hall. That’s what happens.

It’s unclear where the following video was recorded, as not much information was made publicly available by the Aviation Unit when they published the footage. What we do know however is that the targets were Islamic State Fighters who had found themselves caught in the open by a section of Kiowas from the Iraqi Aviation Unit who promptly made short work of them. If more information about this particular incident is made public by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense we will update this post with the information made available.

Until that time however, here is about three minutes of FLIR footage recorded from the ball camera system on the nose of a Kiowa attack helicopter as it dominates a group of Islamic State fighters, and everything that is near them.


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