Islamic State Fighter Shot In The Head During Attack

first published on January 9, 2017 by

During a failed attack against an Iraqi Army position, an Islamic State fighter gets shot in the head while spraying rounds randomly. Members of the Islamic State media team always attempt to make their fighters look graceful as they die, but they fail to realize that without the pumping Jihad nasheed, and the voice over from their Sheikh, it looks like just another person being shot in the face. Death is never graceful. Death is never beautiful. It’s just death.

Shot In The Head

In every Islamic State propaganda piece, they do a martyr reel. The intent of the martyr reel is to show how brave their fighters are when they die. These are always created at the highest production value of the entire propaganda video, and they feature the recorded deaths of Islamic State fighters. During the reel, a slow nasheed is generally playing while a Sheikh talks about the individual who was killed being a brave warrior of God, and that he is off to see his reward in the afterlife. When you strip all of that away, you get to see the real picture instead.

A person with little to no training is thrown into a serious life and death situation. Generally they have no idea what is going on around them. They have little to no understanding of how to use the weapon they have been given to fight. They are generally in an overly exposed position, and charging directly towards a heavily fortified position full of trained soldiers. Remove the music, and the zealotry, and you have a video of a scared human being dying at the hands of poor planning, poor logistics, and no real objective except to capture their own death on camera for a video of this type.

head shot

Once dead, they will be propped up as a hero in their inner-circle of crazy, even though they did nothing of any real significance. All they did was strap on a GoPro, and get pushed towards a firefight they had absolutely zero chance of winning, and zero chance of surviving. Their death was nothing more than a recruiting tool to convince other human beings to jump in front of a meat-grinder to further push the agenda of religious zealotry and extremism in a country that despises them, for an individual that doesn’t actually care about them. They’re not heroes, even to the crazy people who view this propaganda awe-struck with extremists thoughts. They’re just a dead person who didn’t know what they signed up for when you remove the music and the speech.

That’s why we’re posting this video. If you join the Islamic State, people like me will view this video and be thankful for your death. People like the author of this will remove the music, and they will remove the out of context religious psycho babble, and they will see this for what it is. A confused, terrified human being, getting exactly what they deserve for allowing themselves to get mixed up with such a terrible group. Your death will have no meaning outside of your own inner circle of psychopaths. Your death will be rejoiced by millions of peace-loving people who want nothing more than to see an end to all of the destruction and devastation created by people like you. The only thing awaiting you in the afterlife is misery and emptiness.

Warning: This video contains graphic content, including death, which may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.