Shooter Declares Allegiance To ISIS On Facebook Before Attack

first published on December 4, 2015 by

The female shooter in the San Bernardino Massacre, pledged allegiance on Facebook to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi just before the shooting rampage, according to NBC News.


The now deceased female shooter was Pakistan-born, but spent most of her childhood in Saudi Arabia. Her husband, the other terrorist that was killed in the shootout with police, was found to be corresponding with Los Angeles area pro-Jihdists as well as overseas contacts who were already being watched by U.S. authorities.

Meanwhile, bewildered President Obama, is still blathering on about gun control laws rather than Islamic terrorism, a term I’ve yet to hear him use, demonstrating how far off base this POTUS is. It is probably because of his anti-Constitutional agenda that we are only now hearing about these terror links three days after the attack.

The politicians, that are willfully trampling on the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend, are already in high gear trying to take guns away from the good people who, never in a million years, would shoot up a bunch of unarmed citizens. California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Pipe bombs were already illegal, and guess what, so was murder.

Do you really think these politicians want what’s best for you and the world? This is the administration that armed drug cartels on our southern border, which resulted in the death of our own border agents. Nobody went to jail for that. Nobody even lost their job. This administration is throwing arms at Jihadi groups across the Middle East to overthrow and destabilize the region, which has directly resulted in the refugee crisis and the term ISIS becoming a household name.

These politicians do not want what’s best for you. They want to own and control you. Ask yourself why the military murdered peacefully-protesting unarmed college students at the May 4th, 1970 Kent State Massacre, but didn’t dare pull the trigger, but rather, stood down at the controversial Bundy Ranch Standoff where citizens were armed to the teeth. It’s because these arms keep the power where it should be, with the people.


This recent shooting hadn’t even been resolved yet, and President Obama was already pushing his disarmament of the people. This is the same Obama that said about the Planned-Parenthood terror attack, “This just doesn’t happen in other countries…” The dumbass said that while standing in Paris where the blood of hundreds of mass shooting victims hadn’t even dried yet. Is it possible that he’s just a programmed automaton whose inner workings are getting worn out at this point? Because there is no justification for being that far off the mark. Did he really miss that whole Paris terror attack ordeal, or the Charlie Hedbo attack before it?

The politicians want you disarmed so they can impose their agenda without opposition, and for no other reason. Attorney general Loretta Lynch just described the California shooting as a “wonderful moment to make significant change.” If that doesn’t reverberate ‘disgusting-human-being,’ I don’t know what does.

These scumbags want to sell us mafia style protection. They come into our shop and offer us their security at a steep fee. We say, “security from what?” and then they destroy the shop.

I still believe we live in a free country. With freedom comes risk. You can’t be a free person and live in safety. I’m okay with that. My ancestors came here to succeed, but they knew the dangers involved. At no point did they pass the responsibility of the personal security of themselves and their family off on any government agency. They knew there was danger around every turn and they embraced it, but they also had the means to defend against it.


Our comments section always fills up with people from small, relatively ethnically-homogeneous Euro nations boasting how superior they are in their safety because of their strict gun laws. Good for you. Does your government still let you pee while standing? Stay in your safe little bubble of limp dick. We are not the same. Your sedentary blood line has stagnated for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in the same spot and you’re content with it. It’s different over here. We were founded on conquest and exploration. We come from gold prospectors, oil pioneers, fur trappers, and slaves. We don’t play well with others, and there will always be murderous assholes that will be looking to prey on the weak. That is why the people will always maintain their right to keep and bear arms.

The politicians will be forcing knee-jerk reaction legislation, and the President will continue mass printing his executive orders. Unable to accept nor acknowledge the root of this shooting, they will highlight how the shooters had “thousands of rounds of ammunition,” and will push for limits, although they really didn’t have that much, about two weekends worth of range time for me. They will talk about the scary AR-15’s, although it was said they were legally bought in Corona, California, meaning they were arbitrarily modified to be “less-assaulty” according to ignorant politicians and gun control activists. The weapons may have been without a pistol grip or a bayonet attachment point. But Hold the phone: The ATF stated that although legally purchased, these criminals ignored current California gun laws and modified them illegally. So, somehow POTUS and his lackeys think that by making more laws, like the ones that were ignored, he will keep terrorists from committing acts of terror. They will fail to find the weight in how this horrendous act exposed the stupidity in their arbitrary and unjust laws, and they will push for more. Obama is a smart man. He doesn’t believe this crap, but he knows there are plenty of naive Americans that do, and he is using their ignorance to push his agenda.


Here’s the deal. If any right-infringing legislation comes from this, it is your duty as an American citizen to laugh in the face of it and go on about your business. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws,” and to take it a step further, our very own Declaration of Independence says, “……whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

If I have to explain to you the importance of the Second Amendment, you won’t get it, so I won’t try. I will say that without acknowledgement of it, all other rights are hollow with nothing to back them up.

So I’m telling you to go out today, buy more guns and ammunition, and on your way call your politicians (even the gun grabbers just so they know they’ve been warned) and politely tell them to oppose any anti gun legislation.

As to not end things on such a serious note, I suggest you watch the following video from Badd Popp, a seasoned Special Forces veteran who has his own take on things. Here Badd Popp gives you the lowdown on the San Bernardino shootings and why it wasn’t “workplace violence,” courtesy of those that had police scanners in the area.

Popp brings up some good points, and one that stands out to me is the likelihood of there being a bomb maker on the loose in California. I think the most relevant piece of advice to take from this video is the importance of exercising your Second Amendment rights. The government, with all their benevolence and omnipotence (along with illegal wiretapping and unlimited data collection), could not detect nor prevent this terrible act from occurring. Sure SWAT made swiss cheese of these dirtbags, but not before over a dozen innocent people were killed. Arm yourselves and become proficient in the use of those arms.