Hey Hollywood – Thank YOU For Your Service To Veterans Of The GWoT

first published on June 25, 2017 by

Thank you for your service Hollywood. How would anyone know that veterans were all broken shells without you and your films?

It’s about that time I suppose. Hollywood has to get on their soap box and produce another video that portrays veterans as struggling, broken human beings who have had their lives shattered by service to the nation. How would we ever make it anywhere in the world without such great films being produced?

I’ll never understand it. After World War II, Hollywood produced films that portrayed the heroic actions of our greatest soldiers in their fight against Nazi Germany. Audie Murphy, for example, starred in his own film To Hell and Back, and the entire production was about showing the American people what he went through. Dozens of films about Vietnam were made, showcasing the hardships of fighting an enemy that blended with the populace, and the struggles those soldiers faced both on the battlefield, and at their return home to an American people who hated them for their actions, either real or imagined.

Our war though, our war is all about showcasing how broken we are as a generation of veterans. In Hollywood’s version of the Global War on Terror, every Soldier, Sailor, or Marine who spent time on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan was shattered into a billion pieces. We all returned home to an unfamiliar world wishing nothing more than to suck start our own shotguns.

At this rate, instead of being thanked for our service, we’ll all be met with apologetic eyes and pity from every American who realizes that we served in the military. Clearly, according to what Hollywood is showing the American people, none of us are capable of functioning as normal citizens anymore. We should all be medicated and institutionalized to protect not only ourselves, but the people around us, because we are nothing more than PTSD ridden animals who are liable to snap at any moment.

According to Hollywood, no veteran ever returns home from multiple deployments with the Special Forces, and starts up a multi-million dollar coffee company. None of us ever return home, and find our calling on YouTube and Facebook where we produce content that gets millions upon millions of views, and drives traffic to webpages in a manner that dwarfs even that of the largest scale military publications. None of us have EVER started an apparel company worth tens of millions of dollars in not only the veteran space, but the MMA space too. Not a single veteran ever returns home, and trades in his helmet for a hardhat to earn a six figure living making oil pipelines, or building homes. No, none of us have ever become professional athletes, teachers, or politicians either.

None of that ever happens. Our community never got together as one unit and produced a film ourselves just to prove that we could. Our community never did anything worth telling a Hollywood story over, besides suck starting our own shotguns and being broken by PTSD. Thanks for YOUR great and DEDICATED service to our community Hollywood. Without you, people would probably just think we were like, normal people or something.

Who knows though, I could be wrong about this movie. Here’s the trailer you can check it our for yourself. To me at least, this seems like another shot at the movie Brothers, where a broken veteran will go to war normal, and return home to an Alien planet wishing only to shoot himself. Only time will tell if this movie is what it appears to be.


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