Serial Bomber Sought In Austin After 4th Explosion In a Month

first published on March 19, 2018 by

After a fourth explosion on Sunday, police in the Texas capital city of Austin warn that they are dealing with a suspected serial bomber.

The police say they found enough similarities in the most recent blast that they are able to tie it with the other three that were carried out over the last month. Yesterday’s explosion wounded two men who apparently triggered a trip wire as they were walking along a road.

In contrast to the previous three attacks which were disguised as packages and delivered to people’s homes, Sunday’s explosion was made using a trip wire and hidden in a public area, which the police are saying points to a higher level of bomb-making sophistication than previously thought.

The blasts have now killed two people and injured another four. Investigators initially thought the bomber may have been racially targeting black people, but Sunday’s attack injured two white men. Police have responded to several tips and interviewed multiple people, but still do not have any suspects.

Meanwhile, many Austin residents are living in a state of terror and fearful to step foot outside of their own homes. The newest blast was not only different in construction, but targeted a different area of town.

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