Kurdish Separatists Destroy Barracks Container Filled With Turkish Troops

first published on February 6, 2017 by

Footage released by the HPG militant arm of the Kurdish separatist group PKK operating in Turkey shows a military conex housing container being struck by an ATGM.

According to a Kurdish news source quoting an HPG press release, the attack took place on 1 February against a Turkish military outpost on Koordine Hill in Çelê (Çukurca) district of Hakkari, Turkey.

The report claimed to have killed 10 Turkish troops and wounded an additional five. A corresponding report from the Turkish military regarding the casualties couldn’t be found.

The Turkish military hammered the surrounding areas with artillery so MedEvac helicopters could retrieve the dead and wounded troops.

The US military uses similar conex containers to house deployed troops. However, on forward operating bases and combat outposts, the dwellings would be enclosed in a frame and then reinforced with sandbags to mitigate such attacks.