Separatists Ambush And Eliminate Pakistani Troops

first published on December 27, 2019 by

A video recorded by the separatist Balochistan Liberation Front shows a deadly ambush on a Pakistani military convoy in Blueda, Kech.


Although the exact date of the video wasn’t disclosed, the BLF claim that the event occurred in 2019. They also state that four government troops were killed in the attack and another three were wounded.

Based on the video, the Pakistani troops refuse to apply lessons learned in prior ambushes. The driver stops the vehicle at the initiation of the ambush, when he should instead be accelerating out of the kill zone. Although a truck bed doesn’t offer cover from rifle rounds, this one is likely reinforced with steel in the same way the upper portion of the box is.

The truck is the primary target, so naturally the troops want to distance themselves from it. However, the limited cover and full concealment offered by the truck bed is a safer alternative than exiting the vehicle, only to lay in the open waiting for a well-aimed bullet. No better example of the idiom “out of the frying pan into the fire” was ever demonstrated like it is in this video.


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