See The Invasion Drill That Has North Korea Threatening Nuke Strikes

first published on March 15, 2016 by

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un had his Cheetoz residue covered fingers caressing his nuclear warhead launch buttons as he continues to threaten the world with pre-emptive and “indiscriminate” nuke strikes on South Korea and the U.S. as the massive annual military drills kicked off early last week. Around 300,000 South Korean and an estimated 17,000 U.S. troops, accompanied by the Australia and New Zealand militaries are conducting large-scale training exercises to improve interoperability with allied nations as well as assert dominance in the region.


Tensions and North Korean belligerence are at an all-time high on the Korean peninsula as the rogue nation conducted its fourth successful nuclear test in January, followed by a ballistic missile test. These actions resulted in the nation being slapped with the toughest economic sanctions to date. Just today, Kim Jong-Un ordered nuclear warhead explosion tests and multiple ballistic missile launches, while bragging that they have the capabilities to annihilate Manhattan, New York.

North Korea’s threats have even recently been condemned by Russia, who stated that it may be within international law to take military action against the nation.


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