Security Footage Shows Exact Moment of Brussels Blast

first published on March 23, 2016 by

Security footage is circulating showing the exact moment a suicide bomber detonated himself inside a busy Brussels airport. The multi-location attack also targeting a metro train, which, in total, killed more than 30 people and wounded well over a hundred on Tuesday.


Three of the airport and metro attackers were also captured on video prior to the blasts. The two attackers on the left can be seen wearing a single glove on their left hands, possibly to hide a command detonation device. The third terrorist, in the light-colored jacket, is still believed to be at large. Authorities discovered an unexploded suitcase bomb at the airport, so it is possible the third man’s device, which held more explosive substance than the other two, failed to correctly detonate, or he became scared and aborted his suicide mission at the last minute. The third device reportedly exploded later due to its unstable construction.

Conflicting reports of which suspect is still t large are ongoing. Early reports indicated that the third suspect had been identified as 25-year-old Najim Laachraoui. Laachraoui was already being sought for his role in the deadly November 2015 Paris massacre. However, newer reports are saying the Laachraoui had been killed in a suicide blast, and that an unidentified suspect is still at large.


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