Security Contractors Conduct PSD Drills

first published on October 31, 2015 by

A group of security contractors showcase their PSD drills in Baghdad, Iraq.

A well executed principal evacuation drill by security contractors in Iraq. These guys catch a lot of flak for being mercenaries, or war profiteers. This group of contractors proves exactly why it is, that even through all the negative media, they are still being used today.

A standard, brand new security contractor, working in an austere environment doing high threat, Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) can expect to make about $123,000.00 annually (450 dollars a day, Standard 90 in/30 out deployment rotation). This cash amount leads to a lot of the negative media around the individuals who conduct the work. This security work is often questioned, and every time these guys make one wrong move they end up at the top of main-stream-medias hit list.

Security Contractor Logo

Truth be told, these guys are hard core professionals. When selected to attend the WPS training courses they are thrown into a full throttle training environment. New contractors are expected to pick up brand new concepts and adapt to them instantly. Guys who don’t meet the cut end up in the Black Chinook on the way home, the same day they fail an event. Their vetting process involves re-training their old skill sets from military backgrounds, directly into PSD mindsets. Requirements range from Department of State physical standards, to high-threat defensive driving.

While they are often used as a scapegoat for government actions, there is a reason we still see them in action today. They are extremely good at what they do. To date, the company Blackwater, turned Xi, now known as Academi, has never lost an individual that they have been tasked with defending.


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