British Pilot Ejects Seconds Before Impact Near Italian Position

first published on June 21, 2017 by

A British pilot, flying a damaged Bristol Blenheim, ejects from his aircraft just seconds before it impacts the side of a hill in 1941.

During Operation Crusader, a British pilot finds himself flying a severely damaged Bristol Blenheim over enemy territory. Just a few seconds before the aircraft impacts with the side of a hill, the pilot manages to bail out of the plane directly into the hands of enemy troops on the ground.

In the brief video, we can see that the pilot is indeed captured by Italian troops. It’s a quick pause and look back to a time where capture didn’t immediately mean having your head sliced off slowly with a dull knife before a camera, to later be posted on the internet for the entire world to see. This is from a time when war was simpler, and fought mostly by men of honor who understood and operated under a set of rules.

Imagine what would happen to a pilot today that ejected in the badlands of somewhere like Syria or Iraq. Well, actually we don’t need to imagine, only look to the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive after his aircraft went down in ISIS controlled territory.


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