The Second Time I killed Someone

first published on June 30, 2017 by

The following video is presented by a combat veteran and LunkersTV host, describing the second time he ever killed someone. We have previously blogged his account of the first time in an article you can read >>>HERE<<<

I wanted to share this story because a lot of what he said reminded me of my own Afghanistan deployment, being that I was a mortarman that wreaked havoc on the enemy on a daily basis.I loved hearing the Taliban “ICOM Chatter” scream bloody murder when our rounds landed on target. He’s right in that it’s not as personal to kill someone with a mortar than it is to off someone in the same room as you with a carbine… that is until the Taliban bring their dead and wounded from the mortar strike to your outpost to be medically treated…

I also like the fact that he is using his veteran status as a foundation for further success, rather than a crutch or excuse to be a broken dirtbag. LunkersTV does a “Military Monday” feature for more content like this, or if you’re just into fishing and the great outdoors there’s a whole lot of that too.