Soldiers Make Last Stand During Second Battle of Donetsk Airport

first published on February 13, 2018 by

Ukrainian soldiers find themselves trapped in a building by DPR insurgents, who let them in to collect their dead. This was their last stand. Shortly after this was recorded, the DPR troops on the outside would collapse the entire building with explosives, directly on top of the men inside. There were few survivors, those that made it out were taken as prisoners of war.


The on-going conflict in Ukraine is widely under covered in mainstream news. Few people are interested in what is happening in that region, and even fewer people realize that there is, in fact, a war raging in the area. Ceasefire orders are broken on a weekly basis, battles are completely suppressed in the world’s news, and footage coming out of the region is sparse and heavily edited before even we can get our hands on it. For that reason, whenever a piece of footage like this surfaces, we go out of our way to ensure that we can put it on our servers before Russia has the content deleted from the internet forever.

It will be interesting to see, over the next decade or so, how much footage of the raging conflict in Ukraine has survived the heavy editing hand of the Russians. Every now and again short clips from helmet cams, cctv, and cell phones manage to find their way to the internet. When those pieces do see light, they generally show brief intense fighting between two well trained groups of soldiers in the 21st century. It is easy to believe that there are hundreds of hours of combat footage sitting on SD cards and hard drives inside of Ukraine right now, that have yet to be released out of fear. Someday soon that footage will come to light.

cyborgs 2

In this post, we have footage taken on a cell phone coming from the Second Battle of Donetsk Airport. It is believed to have been recorded in January of 2015 towards the end of the battle. The men in the video are members of the Ukrainian army. While it is impossible to confirm, it is rumored that the troops were lead into the building by DPR forces so that they could collect their dead and bring them back for a proper burial. Once inside, the DPR troops cornered them, and began rigging the building with explosives so that they could drop it on top of their heads.

The Ukrainian defenders of the airport were often referred to by their people as cyborgs. They earned this name for the inhuman ferocity they displayed while defending the airport from the DPR invaders with little sleep, little food, and even less supplies. If the rumors about this story are true, than the footage below is probably some of the only surviving footage of the troops who were holed up in the airport before the DPR collapsed the roof on top of their heads.

The song the men are singing before they open fire is the Ukrainian National Anthem. We cannot independently verify the validity of this video, as there is no one who is able to do so for us. If you are able to assist us in researching the on-going conflict in Ukraine, please send us a message on Facebook, or shoot an e-mail to [email protected]