SEALs Accused of Strangling Green Beret After He Discovered Their Crimes

first published on November 13, 2017 by

According to a report in the Daily Beast, Army Special Forces Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar’s homicide-by-asphyxiation death in Mali may have been at the hands of members of the elite SEAL Team Six after Melgar discovered their illicit cash scheme.


According to the report, Melgar learned that the SEALs in question were stealing money from the fund that is used to pay informants for intelligence. The SEALs attempted to bring Melgar into the scheme but he refused. Shortly after, he was found dead.

The SEALs immediately came under suspicion when they claimed that Melgar was drunk and doing combative the night he died. The autopsy showed no drugs or alcohol were in Melgar’s system, and other reports indicate that Melgar didn’t drink alcohol ever.


Shortly before Melgar died, he told his wife he was having issues with some of the SEALs, but he didn’t give her any specifics, only saying that he would tell her when he got home.

The deadly incident occurred on 4 June at 5am. We do not yet know exactly what happened to Melgar, but we do know that the two SEALs now being investigated attempted to open Melgar’s airway and then, along with another Green Beret, drove Melgar to a clinic where he was pronounced dead.