Watch The Video That Got 7 Navy SEALs Disciplined

first published on December 2, 2016 by

In 2012, seven Navy SEALs were disciplined for their role in the development of the video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The SEALs supposedly gave away Navy secrets in how the elite troops operate, as well as possibly recreating black ops missions they actually took part in. The SEALs were also in a behind-the-scenes video that came with the game, which was an added bonus as to why they were disciplined.

Matt Bisinett (Mark Owen) the DEVGRU team member that wrote the book “No Easy Day,” was one of the consultants working on the game, and he can be seen in the following video. Although the video you are about to watch isn’t that exact video, it does take clips from it, as well as many other awesome SEAL and SWCC scenes, making it extremely enjoyable to watch.

As far as the game Medal of Honor: Warfighter was concerned, I thought it sucked, and I remember other issues plaguing the development. From what I remember it was the Battlefield engine trying to make a Call of Duty style game. No thanks. I also remember that the developers intended to use the Taliban as the enemy force… obviously. Yet there were Gold Star families, and others, making a fuss about it being disrespectful to the fallen, so the game didn’t include the name “Taliban.” That was when the “everything offends me” crew first hit critical mass. Think about how many Nazis you killed in video games. Now, can you imagine some crusty old people saying that we shouldn’t have Nazis in video games because their generation fought against them? No, you can’t, because they don’t suck as bad as the younger generations.