SEAL Platoon Kicked Out Of Iraq After Savage Booze Party

first published on July 25, 2019 by

A platoon from SEAL Team 7 has been kicked out of Iraq after a series of allegations arose, stemming from a prohibited July 4th booze party.


According to the Navy Times, SOCOM leadership lost confidence in the team’s ability to accomplish the mission, calling the drunken shenanigans “a perceived deteriorating of good order and discipline during non-operational periods.”

The SEALs are being deliberately redeployed to NAB Coronado near San Diego. The infractions are connected to a single Independence Day celebration in which alcohol was involved. Alcohol use by service members is prohibited in Iraq.

The SEAL reputation of being elite warfighters is constantly competing with their reputation of being crazy assholes. SEALs have been regularly linked to and investigated for significant infractions to include drug use, murder, and sex crimes, among others. With a rapid OpTempo of nonstop combat deployments since 2001, discipline is hard to maintain in a group of alphas who have consciously chosen a career path of international asswhooping.


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