SDF In Knock-out Street Fight With ISIS On The Road To Raqqa

first published on June 12, 2017 by

Members of the Syrian Defense Force, lead by Western Advise and Assist teams and the YPG, engage ISIS on the road to Raqqa.

Members of the Syrian Defense Force have a knock-out street brawl with a small group of Daesh fighters on the road to Raqqa. This is part of an operation that is taking place to recapture the Islamic State capital city of Raqqa, Syria. Once captured, the head of the snake will be removed, and it will become much more difficult for members of the Islamic State to coordinate and fund large scale operations, in theory.

The fighting in the video below took place in the small village of Al-Khatuniya, an outskirt of Raqqa. The SDF surrounded the village and hammered it with artillery, and mortar strikes as well as the air capabilities brought by the west before moving in to recapture the village. After several hours of tense gun fighting, the brawl closed and the SDF stood in control of the village. This is just one more step along the road to Raqqa, which will eventually decapitate the Islamic State from it’s logistical command and control.

Video Courtesy: YPG Press Office.