SDF Claims Control of Raqqa: Final IS Pockets Nearly Cleared

first published on October 17, 2017 by

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claims control of Raqqa, ousting the so-called Islamic State from its former capital after several months of brutal combat. A high quality video shows SDF troops clearing the final pockets of resistance.

claims control

The Kurdish lead and US backed SDF claimed victory in Raqqa today, liberating the former capital of the so-called Islamic State and successfully ending several years of brutal jihadist domination. The loss of the symbolic city comes as the second major blow this year, after the Iraqi military’s seizure of Mosul this past June. The borders of the caliphate are quickly shrinking and the now continuous territorial losses are withering away IS military and economic strength.

However, in the face of this inevitability IS militants continue to resist to the bitter end. Their fanaticism seen in this recent Hi-Def video from the Kurdish militia (YPG), which shows the final operations against the lingering resistance inside the city.


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