Unconfirmed Screenshots Emerge Of Deadly Niger Ambush Video

first published on January 25, 2018 by

EDIT: This is the reality of what happens when we send our troops into harm’s way. People need to see this. Too many of you are content with sweeping our fallen heroes under the rug and then being satisfied with Hollywood’s glamorous depiction of the skewed facts when they release a cheesey movie in the future. This is what American’s need to see, so they know what’s at stake. This is the reality of combat and the reason this site exists. If I had been killed in combat, I would want my last minutes shared with the world… not a series of Pentagon-released talking points on a public relations cue card. There is a very real possibility that these men were abandoned on the battlefield. “Never leave a fallen comrade….” Does that ring any bells? We may actually find out what happened to our brothers over there, so we can hold those accountable, but there are many of you that would rather be fed bull*^&% so you don’t have to acknowledge the grim reality.

Two unconfirmed screenshots have emerged on social media that purportedly originate from a video showing the October 4, 2017 ambush in Niger in which four US service members were killed.

The screenshots were reportedly first published on the twitter account of @maboulmaaly (Muhammad Muhammad Abu al Mali) and the description, written in French, stated: “The video, broadcast by ISIS in Mali on its attack on the US Special Force in Niger, lasted more than 10 minutes, including scenes of a screaming wounded soldier, in addition to the bodies of three other dead American soldiers.”

The twitter post showing the face of the alleged dead American was taken down shortly after being posted, but it’s not clear if it was removed by the account owner or some other entity.

In another twitter post by the same account it is said: “The video shows one side of the attack, the American dead, Some photos were filmed by an American soldier, but ISIS took them after the photographer was killed.” Based on the screenshots themselves it appears that at least one of the US Special Forces soldiers was wearing a helmet cam that captured footage of the casualties before he was killed himself.

While the images are unconfirmed at this time, the facial features (unique nose and broad chin) of the apparently wounded soldier shown in the screenshot appear to most closely resemble that of SSG Bryan Black. US Africa Command is currently investigating.


According to military officials, a 12-man special forces team was advising and assisting a group of 30 indigenous fighters on a capture-or-kill mission for an Islamic State leader when the unit was ambushed. Three of the US troops’ bodies were recovered at the scene of the fight, while the body of the fourth, Sgt. La David Johnson wasn’t recovered until 48 hours later, nearly a mile from the ambush site. The US military’s official statement claimed that Johnson was not captured, and had fought to the death.

The screenshots, if authentic, foreshadow the actual release of the footage, which is likely to be at the heart of a highly polished jihadist propaganda video produced by the insurgent group responsible for the ambush. While such a macabre video will be hard to watch, it will also give us a clearer picture of what happened that day.

Remember the fallen: SSG Bryan Black, SSG Dustin Wright, SSG Jeremiah Johnson and SGT La David Johnson of the US Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group.


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