Soldiers Scramble Out Of Burning Van After It Explodes

first published on July 18, 2016 by

At a high priority ATGM spot, Sham Legion fighters slam a Syrian Army van that is full of troops. They attempt to scramble, but it doesn’t end well.

A van that is packed like a clown car is hit by a Sham Legion ATGM. The strike is powerful, and it immediately turns the van into a rolling fireball. Those soldiers inside that are still alive after the fact attempt to flee, but it seems like it is entirely fruitless.

Chances are, that shortly after the video ends the soldiers who escaped died. They were travelling alone, and got absolutely wrecked before they managed to flee into the open desert. Even if they did some how manage to survive, they are probably permanently removed from the fight.

What is interesting to note about this video is the location of the disabled front-end loader. It seems that the rebel forces have been conducting ATGM strikes in this area for some time. Going full-circle, and knowing how the IED teams used to operate in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, we can draw the conclusion that they are using ATGMs in a similar fashion. Establishing points that are high traffic, and conducting multiple strikes in the area.