The School That Turns Special Operations Teams into Mountain Goats

first published on January 16, 2019 by

Special Operations Advanced Mountaineer School is where operators from around the military go to become proficient in traversing the world’s most mountainous terrain.

Mountain Goats

Traversing and operating in mountainous terrain is one of the most difficult tasks special operations teams can be tasked with. Second only to operating in urban environments, an alpine setting presents operators and conventional forces with some of the most extreme and dangerous operating conditions on the face of the planet. In order to survive and be efficient, service members must be capable of conducting continuous combat operations with their normal kit, as well as additional gear that will help them continue to advance towards their enemy.

To ensure that Special Operations Troops in the field are capable of conducting these operations anywhere in the world, the Special Operations Advanced Mountaineer School, located on Fort Carson, Colorado, is open to operators from around the United States Military. While at the school, students learn critical survival skills that will enable them to not only survive, but also operate under the extreme circumstances of mountainous terrain over the short time span of just seven weeks.

At the conclusion of the course, the Special Operations Soldiers are tasked with completing an all encompassing culminating event. During this event, the Special Operations Soldiers are tasked with leading untrained Soldiers throughout a course that will force them to not only lead Soldiers, but teach those untrained Soldiers the required skills to get them through the event. This simulates the Special Operations Soldier’s primary role of assisting and training local forces to conduct military operations.

Once the students have passed the course, they claim the title of senior mountaineers. Video by Spc. Jacob Krone of the 10th Special Forces Group.


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