Scary Internet Websites You Should Never Visit (We’re On The List!!!)

first published on December 3, 2018 by

The Infographic Show made a list of the most creepy, scary internet websites lurking around the internet that you should avoid and not visit, and we here at Funker530 are both humbled and honored to have made the list.

scary internet websites

The segment on F530 starts at approximately 04:55 into the video, and describes us as a “military veteran organization,” which is accurate, considering the entire staff of writers and admins are combat veterans.

The Infographic Show video then goes on to describe our content as disturbing and graphically violent, which is arguable. They did also describe our plight with various platforms demonetizing and threatening to shut us down “due to the controversial nature of the content,” which is certainly true as well.

We find it extremely important to give the public safe access to a world conflict footage archive, and that is what we’ve done. To do so, we’ve had to invest greatly in our own website and video player, which is paid for by the ads you see on our website.

As long as Youtube and other video platforms continue to systematically delete important historical videos to please their feeble advertisers, we are going to continue hosting and archiving the material ourselves.

Thanks for hanging with us through it all!


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