Savage Unprovoked Knife Attack In Turkey Ended By Handgun

first published on September 13, 2016 by

This savage knife attack video from Turkey demonstrates that you can’t legislate the evil out of people. There will always be psychopathic assholes in this world that need bullets put through them. The attack shown was wholly unprovoked. The knife-wielding maniac just walks into a convenience store and starts stabbing and slashing for no reason. He starts by attempting to slit a man’s throat from behind. Luckily for the victim, the knife didn’t cut his trachea or artery. The attacker then goes on to assault the cashier, who is stabbed several times. A well-intentioned, but incompetent bystander tries to pull the attacker off rather than bashing his head in with a large object. The psycho then turns on him and continues his crazy assault. At that point, the cashier retrieves his pistol and guns the man down, ending the random spree of violence.


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